What is killing the feeling of TRUE-LOVE?

What is killing the feeling of TRUE-LOVE?
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Love, adoration, affection whatever we call it, whenever we try to feel the feeling behind the word “love” we start to feel a great emotion, a very beautiful world gets made in our heart of love, our mind and heart automatically start to experience an unknown pleasure, if you don’t have belief then try it once ; close your eyes and then say anything like love, adoration, affection and feel it, you would find that you feel a wonderful kind of feeling in your heart and it gets filled with true joy and ecstasy. This is probably because in literature too love has been called the king of all emotions.

Love can be of any kind or relationship, whether this is a kind of love to give every happiness to parents or to keep smiling even after making every sacrifice to fulfil your dream or to become a life partner of a person to make his/her life better and happier while loving him/her throughout the life or the love is of parents who are ready to struggle to remove the struggle from the life of their children, or the love of yours for your siblings to stands by them in any condition and make them feel protected and secure with your presence.

The feeling of every kind of love makes the heart very happy. Every person, be it rich or poor always wants to get true and full-hearted love but the bitter truth of present time is that the initial feeling of love may be same as the word love addresses but the feeling of love in heart is no longer this much profound, dedicated and true as the word love does and in result you may find many people who have started believing that there is nothing like true-love.

There is not a single person in the world who does not want love in one way or the other whether he is small or big, rich or poor, he is from any caste, creed or religion, every person wants love and he tries to get it in some way or the other. If every person really wants love, then why is the reality and state of love so opprobrious? why the faith of most people has started getting lessened on true-love?

The only reason that has killed the essential and true feeling like love is lack of dedication and more of self-centeredness and ignorance. One thing which determines the strength of any relationship is the feeling which connects two people, if they both have decided to be in a relationship to make each-other’s life better then such relationship will turn better after every passing moment but if they both have come in a relationship for any short-term entertainment or selfish motto then every passing moment will worsen the relationship between them. Our world is having ample of evidences which show such kind of hollowed love and relationships.

If a person who is in any relationship with someone does only two things for his/her loved one then the happy feeling of love can be brought back again which has been lost somewhere, and those two things are ; trying to give as much understanding and opportunity as possible and trying to give any kind of products as less as possible.

In today's world, we have made the meaning of any relationship only exchanging products with each other and this meaning fits almost in any relationship. Do you know any couple who make less efforts in exchanging products with each other on the name of gifts on their birthdays and anniversary? Obviously not any. Try to see people in your surroundings, you would understand that the exchange of these products might bring temporary pleasure of 10-15 days but the relations never gets good from it bit still we keep on doing so and even make those people feel bad who can’t afford to do so.

When we try to understand the words relationship and love then we find that if we give proper opportunities to our loved ones to live a better life in every possible way as per their understanding then we’d not have to ask for love from them instead we would create such a place in their mind that we will be able to feel the right feeling of love every time and we’d not feel the need to search for the temporary pleasure through people, places and prizes because we would be feeling tranquil and loved every day, every moment in our relationship so let’s try to keep spreading understanding and opportunities among our loved ones.

True love is waiting for us!

Abhilash  Modi

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muskan jain

It made me totally connected while reading this arcticle. it actually made me think again about my habbit of giving and taking of materialistic gifts in search of love.

 August 31, 2021