Top 5 reasons of Anger

Top 5 reasons of Anger
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"Anger", by this single word only you would have had so many things, feelings, some past incidents and so much else in your mind. Before few decades, it used to be just a feeling but nowadays it's a problem, a mental problem & a health issue. It is scientifically proven that being over angry is poisonous for a human body and give very severe harmful impacts to the mind and body. Let’s learn about some of the major anger triggers which are given below: -

1.Enigmatic Nature

Enigmatic nature means a very quick swinging of mood, it is related to one of the diseases known as 'Enigma'. Human mood is totally dependent on his consciousness. A very great line said by Sadhguru that "Human consciousness should create situations, situations should not create human consciousness" And nowadays situations are responsible for our mood, that is why anger has become too common somewhere. 

A tip that can control this that whenever someone tries to butter, don't be flattered because when he would tell ills about you or do backbiting, you would not be cursing someone and not be feeling miserable. So now about Happiness, so whenever you have self-satisfaction, you do have the real happiness. Do something more that can self-satisfy you and generally it comes with the habit of serving.


On today, Individuals have started expecting more from others rather than themselves. It's also a very big reason itself. For example:- If you are a teacher and one of your students has disobeyed you or disrespected you , you would feel angry because you deserve that respect being a teacher but one must be remembering this thing in mind that he has the power to control himself only. He can't control the surroundings or any other person either. 

You can give your best for them but don't expect their best for you. So, when you would not be expecting from others then no one would be able to generate a valency of anger in you. This is well said by someone that “Anger is harmful for you but more harmful for people in surroundings of yours” because sometimes you start converting your mental anger into a physical one, which is rather harmful then mental anger.


Comparing the people or thing present in your surroundings can also be a reason behind anger trigger. On today two biggest reasons behind dissatisfaction are: - the first one is comparison and the second one is showing off. And we all know it very well that whenever dissatisfaction is somewhere, happiness can't be there. 

4.Fake respect

Respect means having gratitude towards you or your works in someone's heart. Fake respect means thinking for gratitude towards you at place where you are stranger or have not done something yet. Sometimes a place where you are an old member, adhere to individual can think for fake respect because some of the irresectable people of that community have buttered them. This is a mistake, which is being done by many people up to a very big extent. 

Today individuals are afraid of doing many things for example public speaking, why do they because if they would speak something wrong or in not fluent English then their respect will fall down. Now they are not doing something then too if someone would do flattery of them then also, they'd increase their positivity for them. They would start having ego in themselves. They would start being an egotist, not an egoist. After sometime, they'd stop following or listening to them too for whom they know that they are scolding or shouting on me for my betterment only they would start having irritation from them and start feeling influx. This is known as 'lake of gratitude'. In this case anger would increase.

5. Overthinking

Somewhere over thinking is the biggest problem in students amongst all above. Overthinking can be defined as, when you start thinking unnecessarily about future, present and past despite knowing that this is not worthy for you then too if you keep thinking then you are a patient of overthinking. In this condition, you stop living the situations and start taking out the probability of it but you mustn't be doing it. You must be remembering that you can't take out the probability of your destiny or life. And somewhere over thinking is also an anger trigger so try never to think over. Somewhere these all reasons behind anger are related to each other. 'Everything should be in limit neither less than limit nor over limit' follow this for anger too. 

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