10 ways to increase thought process to bring positive thoughts

10 ways to increase thought process to bring positive thoughts
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Our personality is the product of our thoughts. Thoughts have the power to enlighten our mind's capacity. Positive thoughts can enhance our happiness. Positivism is the practice of being optimist in the negative conditions of life. So, one should always be optimist to stay positive.

Never say to yourself “I can't”, Ask yourself “How can I?"

We may do many things to increase thought process because mind's most powerful weapon is thought.  John Milton said in Paradise Lost: - "The mind is its own place, and this itself can make a heaven of hell and hell of heaven. " It means that it's all up to our mind-set. We can make anything in our imagination, and hell can also become as beautiful as heaven in the thoughts of our mind. 

Here are the ways from which one can boost up his/her thought process to bring positive thoughts -

1. Stay with enduring people

  Always stay with experienced people to inculcate good and positive thoughts. When we have positive atmosphere, it becomes easy to think positive. 

• Have some positive friends. 
• Surround yourself with people who are enduring enough in their lives. 

2. Collect quotes that inspire you

  Read some positive and inspiring thoughts daily. You may also write some lines which inspire you and teach you something. One-liners increases the capacity of thinking descriptive into brief. 

• Do read eminent thoughts of philosophers and great personalities. 
• Re-read them again until you learn and implement them in life.

3. Do meditation

  Meditation is not when you sit in a calm or peaceful place, meditation is when you close your eyes and observe and listens the deeper sounds that surround you. 

• Increase your observation power. 
• Clarify your intentions. 

4. Have cemented thoughts

  Many thoughts come to our mind daily but we cannot imbibe all of them. For this, we have to filter them. We should absorb the positive thoughts rather than dusty thoughts. Cemented thoughts are stronger than others and having cemented thoughts will increase your determination. 

 • Avoid unnecessary thoughts. 
 • Filter the thoughts. 
 • Avoid naysayers. 

5. Music

  One should listen music daily. Instrumental and soft music magnifies our thinking capacity, relieves our stress and makes us smarter. 

• Music helps in increasing your memory. 
• It makes your senses stronger. 

6. Challenge your negativity

  "There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so."

  If the negativity is repeatedly beating you then you have to challenge rather than just thinking about it. 

 • Do not drag on the things. 
 • Think about solutions. 
 • Overcome your fears. 

7. Keep a journal

  One should write his/her daily experiences. It increases your contemplation power and makes you an extrovert personality. 

Maintaining a daily journal is one of the best personal growth initiatives you will ever take. ~Robin Sharma

8.Read books which are relevant

  Reading makes you perfect. If your reading habits are good enough then you would never feel incomplete. Books can heal your negativity and gives you a positive state of mind.

Read good books. 
Be a good reader. 
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads, live only one. ~George R.R. Martin

9. Physical exercise

  One must do some physical exercise daily to have a healthy body. Only a healthy body can imbibe good and positive thoughts. Physical exercise-

Improves your ability to cop-up with stress
Gives you energy
Increases your self esteem
Extends your physical and mental strength
Increases self confidence

10. Nature

  Everything in this world is unreal without NATURE. One can find his solace in nature. Nature heals your negativity and gives you a positive strength. Nature can be your best friend. It will give you the place of peace.

• Go for tracking. 
• Have some long drives with soft music. 

God sent us on this earth with brain, our thoughts have power to change our outlook of life. So, in order to have a healthy and happy life, we need to learn to have virtuous thoughts to make this life purposeful and meaningful.
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