Social media and mental health (How social media affect our mental health)

Social media and mental health (How social media affect our mental health)
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Social media can affect your mental health in an unexpectedly drastic manner, it can make you spend your time unnecessarily, eat your energy and make you less realistic. The excessive use of social media in a teenager is being a significant issue, social media was created to make us get connected with the people we never met, to promote our business, to make us more creative but we ended up using it willingly for just entertainment and pleasure. Here are some points explaining why and how social media affects the mental health of teenagers. 

1. Eagerness related to lifestyle: - 
Despite knowing every aspect of what's being shown on social media, you tend to believe it the truth. You'll certainly start underestimating yourself, being insecure about your looks, dresses, things, etc. Remember people share only good points there which doesn't mean that they don't have bad times and have a perfect lifestyle. Stop yourself envying them and start realizing you too are best not less than anyone.

2. Increase depression and anxiety: - 
No matter how smart you are, if you waste several hours scrolling and surfing at social media, where you see everyone's best moments, like someone visiting abroad, roaming around with a bunch of friends, eating in expensive restaurants then you are going to end up comparing their artificially perfect side to the negative or lacking parts of your life, which will cause anxiety, depression, and frustration. Scrolling on social media for much time directly affects your mood. Try to limit the use of it and make good out of good instead of making good out of bad.

3. Unrealistic expectations: - 
Usually, social media sites are full of people's best moments, as most people you know are posting images of something and somewhere that you can't afford to go. You'll wish to have such things and this will only give birth to unrealistic expectations, because you don't know if the person who is showing all of this is really happy doing or he is in debt, using someone's resources. Understand the fact that you are cannot be sure about them by only seeing the surface, the deep is yet to be seen. 

4. Irregular sleep: - 
Teenagers who don't sleep at night just because they enjoy chatting with friends be it online or offline do it the cost of their sleep, as it's said that “if your body doesn't get enough time to sleep, you'll get sick several times, and other health issues will come up” Unhealthy sleep patterns will also influence your productivity at your workplace, somewhere you might get fired or you'll have to face big losses. 

5. Can make you sluggish: - 
The time before social media was highly interactive, interesting, and full of activities that kept people connected positively. Teenagers nowadays are preferring staying at home and chatting, scrolling, and going live rather than going out and enjoy the weather, playing games, and engaging themselves in interactive and physical activities, without physical activities Teenagers of today's era are more likely to be fat, unfit and physical less active this makes them sluggish. 

6. Makes you rather lonely: - 
People with several followers and likes are not always happy as they seemed to be. A study shows that people who use social media more than need are less happy and weak in cognitive skills. Social media isolates you when you believe you have so many friends there, you live in a myth, a human needs eye contact with his or her confidants to fight against every mental stress. Also, you'll start changing perception and making your theories that will only make sure that you stay lonely. People with efforts to stay with you in real life will always be rejected by you and this will increase loneliness.

7. Makes us Self isolated: - 
You would be happy to find several friends on Social media platforms who you never met and that's not bad, but if you only stay in the virtual world and don’t make any friends in the real world, that means you are isolating yourself negatively that will cause extreme health issues be is physical or mental, your overall improvement will be destructive for yourself and lead you towards self deterioration. Try to avoid doing such things.

These are some issues that may occur severely else many can be there. Social Media or mobile has become an inevitable part of our life so ignoring it completely seems impossible but by practising some things we can make a balance between our virtual and real world.

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