20 secrets to living a happier Life

20 secrets to living a happier Life
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Happiness is a highly important aspect of our lives, those who have almost everything may not be happy but those who are living and earning daily can be happier, it's just the matter of skills and knowledge of what makes you happy, and the irony is that it is not hard to find happiness than we make it. I've listed a few things off that can be used to find happiness and live a happier life.


1. Meditate: - mediation enables all the senses and keeps you focused, enthusiastic, and vigilant. It's an excellent way to introspect deeply, mediation keeps your mind and body relaxed and in harmony. It's the time when you let go of your anxiety stress and frustration aside and think only about yourself that keeps you light and ecstatic, practice meditation daily to be immensely happy.



2. Workout daily: - Exercise has a huge impact on your health, when you keep your body healthy everything else remains healthy, productive, and prosperous. Take out at least 30 minutes daily to exercise to be healthy because less disease, stress, more strength, and more satisfaction brings a healthy lifestyle, and that further brings a happier life.




3. Help others: - Serving others who are in need can bring a smile to your face, helping someone to crossroad, to study, to buy new clothes, and to overcome the mental and emotional struggles will get you their blessings, you'll be eternally happy whenever you'll think about how you managed to help them and make them smile, you too will smile.


4. Practice gratitude: - Practicing gratitude may help you to stand against anxiety, anger, stress, etc. Think about what are the things that you are grateful for, appreciate relationships, friendship, and tiny things that have made you who you are. It's not easy to jump-start, do it step by step, make a list and think deeply about how these things matter to you. Remember, behaviour of years can't be changed in a few days, don't give up, just put hope first and with a little more effort you'll learn to be more grateful.


5. Break down your goals: - Wisdom in the case of achieving goals is always ignored to enjoy and achieve unattainable bigger goals without breaking them and setting them up into attainable small goals. Break your goals into steps, achieve each of them step by step, it might take time, but each step will bring you closer to your goal, this will boost your happiness, 


6. Don't compare yourself with others: - 

Understand the fact that everyone is unique in their ways, and you are your best in all ways. Also stop comparing your things with everyone else in your surroundings, if someone has a tail then you can't have that because you have got something else because it's better for you. Once you put a full stop to your expectations you can enjoy every bit of the day and live happier than ever before.



7. Always keep learning: - Keep learning means keep yourself engaged in something valuable. hobbies are the best option to keep learning, writing, bicycle riding reading, teaching, etc. give us tiny but meaningful purpose. Hobbies make us happier, taking out sometimes enlisting the things that are your hobbies, then sorting out and pursuing those which were difficult to do before but you can do now will enable you to learn more and open doors to happiness.


8. Give a full stop to your expectations: - Willingly or non- Willingly we do a bunch of things with expecting something, it's a human habit when we put our efforts, love, and time into something we expect fair results as much more than we gave, eventually end up covered in sorrows, grief, and heartbreak when we don't get what we expect. Simply detaching from expectations will lead you towards generous happiness, do it without unloving the person, rather love more deeply and you'll see happiness is just a step ahead. 


9. Spend more time with friends and family: - The relationship with your friends and family has a magical impact on your happiness. Spend more time with them, enjoy with them, share your thoughts and problems, and it'll certainly take your anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger away. They are the permanent medicine for your every mental stress.


10. Live in today: - Holding something in hand for a minute is easier but holding it for hours and days and then for years will lead you towards irritable aches. Similarly holding at something will never let you be happy but sad. Let go of terrible things that once encountered and move on, live in present to enjoy every bit of today.  


11. Enjoy small victories:- Life is full of joy and happiness, fall and Raise, sweet and sour, ups and downs are parts of it. Most of our tiny happy moments are avoided in the rush of finding something big. Enjoy every little victory, appreciate it, whether you have completed your daily exercise target, or you've completed your assignments then celebrate it, these small victories are the sugar in candy.


12. Practice mindfulness: - Mindfulness means what you are, what are the situations and conditions, and what are you going through, basically, it's awareness and having complete focus on the present moment, which decrease the anxiety level, treats stress, and fills you up with lots of happiness. 


13. Look for positive: - A positive mindset is the key to all sort of long-term happiness, for being happy. You first clear negative things out of your mind because it'll only invite negativity. Find what's positive in your morning, evening and the whole day, start your days with positive mantras to succeed in finding happiness and living happily.


14.Be creative: - Those who love to engage in creative activities can be rather happy, well connected, thoughtful, and enthusiastic than others. Think of an artist, He/she might be any poet, actor, singer, or painter, usually being engaged and uses his/her imagination to its fullest to be creative. An artist creates what he/she feels, Being creative enables you to be more friendly with your positive thoughts, emotions and makes you contented.



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