How to find purpose in Life?

How to find purpose in Life?
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It's good to have a purpose than sitting around and eating like a dumb, Purpose is something that gives your life meaning, but doesn't stick with the fact that it should be only one, purpose can change, according to the work you are in or can be eternal. Sometimes you are unmotivated, less hopeful, you have no goals and aims, in such conditions you wander out to find the purpose because you are not clear about what you are and desire. If you think so then you are on right track, it's never always too late to start searching for what makes your life meaningful. Here are some points that may help to find your purpose in life: -


Connect with people:-  Building community connects you with several people with several unique ways to find solutions to different problems, several ways to learn the art of living. Ask people around yourself what are they up to, what are their goals, and what if you could join for a bit and take a head start to find your purpose. You can find a new hobby, activities, and opportunities to visit which may turn out to be the source that leads you towards the answer to your questions and help you find your purpose. 

Explore Your interests:-  look around the people, see some people are constant about posting about a particular thing, talking, and pursuing something of their interest. Consider what your interest is, find what makes you happy, makes you rather interesting talking about, and makes you stress-free it can be performing music, poetry, acting on stage, running a company of your own, etc. Talk to your friends, family, and people you surround yourself with see what's that particular thing you love to talk about, this may help you find your purpose. 

Embrace positivism:-  A person becomes what he/she eats, similarly, a person becomes what he is surrounded with if you stay with negative minded people, avoid struggling, responsibilities, and other moral duties, you'll end up having no meaning and purpose, on the contrary, having positive people by your side explicating new values, meaning, and purpose. Right people will always teach you the ways to be more passionate, kind, grateful and make your life more meaningful and purposeful. 


Reading and listening:-   Reading and listening take peace and Time. It's as fruitful as your good deeds to yourself. Reading books and listening to people, be it songs that support positivism, burgeoning constrictive vision and thoughts, helps you to reach out to many people that you might never meet in reality but learning by listening and reading about them. Reading inspires you, once you get through the stories of the struggles, you feel motivated and bring hope back in your heart, this zeal can help you in finding what your purpose in life is.

Keep records of your thoughts:- Writing your thoughts down on regular basis brings absolute changes, which are mentally and physically developmental. Most people prefer keeping a diary just because they wanna be completely open to themselves, none else is gonna read that you can write the reality, your sins and indeed good deeds, writing a diary means Sketching a map that leads you towards your views, new prospects, visions because you are more able to process thoughts than usual, once to open to yourself, read the general and re-read it several times so you can finally find out what's lacking and needs to be fulfilled, maybe this may take you towards your purpose.

Grow old in thoughts:-  As kids every so often assume that they've grown old and they've everything but yet something is missing, think the way they do, grow old in your imagination, assume you're goals are accomplished, and think about the tasks, and deeds you've done to maximize the possibilities, go through everything possible and Record them step by step in a sequence that shows what you are to do year by year so that you have your purpose and you can fulfill them and the go-ahead for more. 


Ask constructive Question yourself:-  Question some constructive questions may help you commence a quick evaluation of your purpose, as it's necessary to understand what you love to do, what are your strengths? what are your goals? , are you ready to toil for getting things that you truly want? What makes you happier? And are your shoulders enough strong to have responsibilities? Certain questions can evaluate the thoughts, various answers will be for various questions means various ways to take an overview of your mind. 


Don't be in dally, finding what needs space and time, you need to be calm and hold on to tranquillity. Don't let overthinking, and worthless norms made by people with no positive behavior take you down, tell yourself to stay calm. Your purpose might be big than what you think and can change over time and according to situation and work.


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