How To Prepare for Interviews - Best Interview Preparations

How To Prepare for Interviews - Best Interview Preparations
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Have you ever thought what is the basic difference between a person who is being called to get a job in any reputed organization for any responsible post and a person who is being called/ invited by any big channel to know the person’s journey and to inspire the world from the same? You must be thinking the big difference is of SUCCESS. The one who is going for a job interview is going there to be successful but the person who is being invited by a channel is already successful. Little drilling into this sentence can make us jump on this conclusion only that they have a difference of success but deeper drilling can make us aware of a very essential thing regarding the difference between both of the types and it is the probability that the person who is going for an interview in any organization of knowing himself is rather less in compare of the person who is being invited by any channel. So, here the key difference is knowing self and talking about self and not knowing self and struggle to talk about self. So, the Himalayan task is to know self so deeply that some basic question about yourself through an interview won’t decline your confidence about yourself.

Here are 13 largely experimented and crucial steps to be taken in order to crack any job interview like a cakewalk: -

  1. Know yourself properly

Before letting or making someone know about yourself one step which has to be taken to make yourself feel strengthen about yourself is knowing yourself properly. Knowing yourself doesn’t mean, knowing your name, qualification, or having little details about your family members. It means knowing your true objective of your career, your real qualities which you have felt over past period of time, your hobbies which keep you going and most importantly your vices on which you have been working to be the better version of yourself.

  1. Do self-screening

One of the greatest actors of all time in Bollywood Mr. Amir Khan says whenever I create any scene for any of my movies, I don’t finalize it directly, I try to show such scenes before some small and different types of groups of people and I modify the scenes as per their feedback and response. It helps me to do self-screening of my work on smaller groups and in result, my movies become errorless until they are released in cinemas for all. Similarly, you may also plan some small level interviews for yourself where you are going for being rejected only. If you plan at least 5 such interviews for yourself then when you give the actual interview where you actually want to get selected, you would just be invincible.

  1. Do keen research about company

 One thing which must come into the consideration of every interviewee is that the way the organisation is trying to know about you, you must also know about the history of company, the mission of company & as well as the visionary part of the organisation where you are applying for a job, if you know this, it would help you so much that whether you would be able to become an asset or a liability for the organisation. So, it becomes so crucial to do keen research work about the company where you are seeing yourself on any responsible position. It would help you not only in interview but also knowing about the atmosphere where you are going to work and what kind of people and colleagues you are going to be in.

  1. Match your strength with company's expectation

 Once you are well aware about the company's expectation from its employees, here comes the chance to be the asset of the company instead of always being liability. Just knowing about the company is not enough, you must match your strengths while knowing your weaknesses and having proper balance between your calibre & personality while being the resourceful person for the organisation by living up on the expectations of company's goal and mission.

  1. Think the proper schedule of the day

 On the day of interview, do not be too serious or too wacky. The perfect word is being sincere and sensible to make yourself ready for the day which might decide rest of your life in some or the other way. So, you must schedule your day when you are going to be in interview as there is a saying “haste makes waste” so it's good to have a proper mind-map of the day of interview before 3 to 4 days of the exact day so that you would not be into much hurry that it would make you do some silly mistakes over which You would keep regretting.

  1. Prepare the complete Introduction

 You must prepare your complete introduction because it is one of the questions that is asked as the first question in any interview. So, you must know that you have to tell each and every thing about yourself what the person might be interested in knowing. A standard professional introduction includes: -

  1. Telling your name
  2. Your experience of life means age
  3. Your virtues
  4. Your qualification (both academic and professional)
  5. Your dwelling place
  6. Your parents (basic information)
  7. Your leisure pursuits
  8. Most importantly your future planning

One of the most important things to remember is that you must not repeat the information in your introduction which has already been mentioned in your C.V. or RESUME. You must have enormous knowledge about yourself so you may describe yourself in different ways through C.V. or verbal introduction.

  1. Think of some common questions and prepare answers

 it's good to prepare some answers of some prospective questions before they come as demon and scare you during the most important time of your life in interview. we live in an era where we can access almost everything for free so can you do with some prospective questions and their suggested answers through internet. Have your friend with you who would play the role of an interviewer and would ask you as many questions as possible to be asked in your real interview. this exercise would work as mock interview and it would help you at the utmost level to get into the organisation which you have been dreaming of.

  1. Communicate confidently, concisely and with concrete stuff

 Circumlocution might work while having gossips with your chap but it won't work when you are in an interview as the interviewers or the employer always want the candidate to be confident, concise & concrete with the stuff that he or she is talking about so it's important to have great collection of words but what matters the most is to select the appropriate words out of this collection, and to speak them at that time when they are needed the most to present you as a person who believes in precision.

  1. Maintain a positive Body language

 Body language is nothing more than the reflection of your state of mind. if your state of mind is negative then it's not possible to show up yourself as a vibrant or enthusiastic person for long time so instead of driving your mind set through the positive body language, you should ensure the positive mind set which will be resulted into the positive body language and eventually the positive result in the interview.

  1. Be authentic not fake

Never be fake to make the impression before the interviewer as the interviewers have enough experience to judge whether you are true or fake so it's so important to not to be fake whether from your body language or the information which you are providing about yourself to the organisation verbally or in written mode through your C.V.

  1. Do not be too complex with your words

 If you think that using some complex English usages or complex lexicons will get you the job then it might become a bitter experience for you when your words would not be able to help you to get onto the position. It's important to know appropriate set of lexicons when you are trying to convey your message to someone but using the complex word unnecessarily just to impress the interviewer might result you into experience of losing the job which could have been yours easily if you used something that could be understandable.

  1. Be customized while presenting yourself

Making your cover letter bespoke and your C.V. too are two of the most important things which must be assessed by you before going in any interview but it's not enough, you must also be tailored and customised while presenting yourself as an interviewee. Watching some random videos on YouTube and mimicking them in the same way in your interview won't actually work. You need to feel what you are speaking and for it you have to be customised with your words and content.

  1. COMMUNICATION is the key

 Communication means proper articulation and proper listening. If you lack in either of these, it might hamper your communication with anyone so it is so important to have proper communication special in interview as it determines that you have good set of words to present yourself and at the same time you are in calm, composed and organised state of mind to listen something which is coming from the front side so communication is the key.

Reading them won’t work for you until you live them in your daily schedule, just preparing such things before 5 days of interview won’t make you a confident person during interview so it is important to practice such tips even when you don’t have any sort of pressure of interview so it would lead you to have a successfully cracked interview.

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