7 ways which help an organization to keep the employees motivated

7 ways which help an organization to keep the employees motivated
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An organization's success will always be far from its reach till its employees are not happy. Because happy employees are always more productive, effective, creative, and work as a team. Thus, employees’ satisfaction and happiness should be in priority for the organization.

Many small businesses or start-ups have become big entrepreneurs by taking care of their employees and customers. Being a leader of an organization, you should appreciate your employees for their works & support them in their failures. Involve your employees in big projects, ask their suggestions, take their feedback, learn to talk gently to everyone, keep a gentle smile on your face and give them proper energy breaks to come back with more energy. 

These will help you to keep your employees happy which will help you to meet the organization's goal effectively. And these will also tie a knot between organization & employees which they would never want to break.

Here are 7 ways which can be helpful to an organization to keep its employees happy- 

1. Be a leader, not a boss 

A leader is always better than a boss. A boss can criticize, humiliate, shout at his employees instead a leader would take all employees together to meet their mutual goal. A leader always sets an example in front of his employees to motivate them.

And, instead of relying on problems, a leader would collect information, knowledge, employees' suggestion to find out the best solutions. Sometimes try to think like an employee too, what the employee wants from his boss. It will help to find a better solution for employees' queries.

2. Appreciate every employee of the organization 

Appreciation can be key to success. Appreciate even tiny-tiny efforts of the employee and encourage them to get best out of worst. Go to every employee & ask about their plans, efforts they are putting towards the organization, problems they are facing, and being head of the organization try to figure it out.

You can also celebrate employee accomplishments, achievements and involve them in your achievement celebrations too. And a time to time organize a motivational seminar to motivate them and it will spread positive vibes among employees. It will make employees feel familiar with the organization.

3. Learn to talk gently to everyone

It is seen some bosses don't like talking to all employees which result in overall dissatisfaction among employees. So, talk gently to not only employees but also to other working staff like guards, etc. Exchange greetings and ask about what's going on in their life to everyone. And if they are in problems then you can also help them financially which will make them feel they are working in an organization that will always be ready to help them.

Always try to keep a gentle smile on the face and try to help employees as much you can. It will make employees happy that our boss cares about his employees.

4. Reward your employees 

Yes, the best employees should be rewarded or awarded according to their accomplishments. You may start giving awards like Employee of the year or employee of the month or most emerging employee of the organization, etc. 

It will create competition among employees and everyone will start putting more effort to meet the organization's goal. And also, do not hesitate to give a promotion to deserving and best employees which will motivate everyone to work efficiently. 

5. Plan more vacation for employees 

Employees' hard work is required but from time to time either a break or vacations are also really necessary. So that, they can feel fresh, gain their energy back, become stress-free and come back with more enthusiasm. 

Many successful companies are following this strategy and providing breaks and vacations to employees and giving them freedom or flexibility to work according to them.

6. Involve the employee in the big picture

An organization can never be successful until its employees perform well. Take a meeting and clear your upcoming plans of months, year and ask employees about their suggestions, queries. And most important show trust in your employees and tell them that the organization goal will be achieved by each & every employee's hard work, not by an individual.

It will make employees more valued and they will work as a good team and everyone will start to contribute to meet the organization's goal.

7. Take feedback

Last but not least, make the feedback form and ask employees to fill every month. Ask them to write their queries, suggestions, problems and most importantly try to solve these too. And don't forget to say "Thank-you" to employees for their unconditional efforts towards organization welfare.

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